The Voice Internet, Inc. provides businesses and consumers with innovative voice-activated communication solutions. The Voice Internet has been developing time-saving, cost-saving communications software for the past decade, with an experienced team of computer telephony and speech recognition professionals. The Voice Internet’s subsidiary, TeleCenter, is certified as a Long Distance and a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier.



To develop and deliver convenient, affordable voice-activated services to the mass market, re-defining communications for consumers and businesses.


PRESIDENT/ CEO: Robert Blaisch



Businesses register CallWords (i.e., company name, product, website, etc.) which act as domain names on the Voice Internet, so customers can just dial one memorable number, 1-800-555-5555, and say a CallWord® to reach them. The initial CallWords® launch currently offers travel connections on 1-800-555-5555 in Southern California.

Affordable voice-activated communications and
productivity tools, including:

™, the voice-activated virtual receptionist that answers and routes calls.

, the portable voice-activated office system.

Voice Q&A™,
the voice-activated question and answer assistant

virtual Toll-Free/ Local phone numbers you set up instantly on the web



Customers are acquired through an extensive network of Direct Sales Agents and Master Agents


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