Call-Links is a new kind of click-to-call—one that YOU completely control. No auctions. No bidding. Just an inexpensive hyperlink that you can put into any electronic medium. Word docs. Spreadsheets. Web banners. Email.
Customers click your link, enter their phone number, and get connected to you.

Call-Links is the easiest, most economical way to extend the reach of the web directly to your phone.


  • Protects privacy of phone numbers.
  • Supports connections to any phone number or speech application of your choice.
  • Insert customized information.
  • NO software to install. NO set-up required.
  • Affordable to use. Just pay for incoming calls and a small connection fee.

Clickable connection links in ANY electronic document

  • Embed CallLinks in search engines for easy customer access.
  • CallLink targets may be changed so important referral numbers never go out of date.
  • Turn a banner ad into an instant connection link to an interested customer.
  • CallLinks can be embedded in any electronic document such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, PDF.
  • Great for resumes, sales letters, and refferal numbers in spreadsheets.

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Connection to phone numbers or speech applications

  • CallLinks may be pointed to any landline or cellphone number.
  • CallLinks may be pointed to an automated phone answering application or any speech application.
  • Live operator recording may also be configured to instruct operator on how to route call.

Insertion of customized information

  • CallLink owners may insert hyperlinked logo graphic and ad banner in call me window.
  • Custom text message may be displayed to provide additional information to each CallLink.

This feature: On the Phone | On the Web