Make phone numbers work harder for you with CallPointers, virtual phone numbers YOU control. Now you can get an instant local or toll-free number whenever you don't want to use permanent phone numbers.

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  • Great for sharing leads from sales calls, distributing calls to associates, and more.
  • Protect the privacy of permanent phone numbers.
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Real-Time Routing

  • Immediate self-provisioning numbers.
  • Start using it right away…no need to wait.
  • Point your number to any other number or speech application.
  • Change your settings 24/7 using a web interface.

Points to any speech applications

  • Point your local or toll free CallPointer number to any speech application hosted by us or by anyone else.
  • User can escape the speech application at any time by pressing **.

Compatible with ANY phone number

  • Using Local Number portability, you can move any of your current numbers into our system.
  • After your number is on our platform, you have complete control of where the number is routed to.
  • You still retain ownership and control of any number you port to our system.