Category CallWords

Looking for new customers? Let them find you—in our Voice Internet® category directories. It’s fast and easy for new and existing customers to find you in our Yellow-Page-style category directories.

Customers just dial 800-555-5555 to get on the Voice Internet® and are prompted to select a category such as “Airlines,” “Hotels,” “Insurance,” etc. Your business is included in the list of choices they receive. It’s a fast easy, intuitive way for interested callers to find your business. Get a Voice Internet Category Callword—and let it do the marketing work for you


Why get a Category CallWord?

  • Customers don’t have to remember your number
  • Get discovered by new customers seeking your service
  • Lower cost than National Callword
  • Your Callword is exclusive in the category(s) of your choice (but get it before competitors do)
  • You’ll be included in all Callwords Category phone and on-line directories
  • Point customers to the phone number or speech application of your choice
  • Easy, instant on-line configuration offers flexibility for projects, campaigns, regional programs, etc.


  • Makes it easy for your customers to call you
  • Lower cost of listings than national directory
  • Exclusivity of CallWord in category
  • Inclusion in all CallWords directory guides
  • Instant, real-time configuration via the web
  • Point to any phone number or speech application
  • Detailed real-time call detail reporting