Local CallWords

City CallWords are the cool new alternative to local phone numbers—just come up with a creative name for you or your local business, and everybody will be able to find you in your city’s directory on the Voice Internet (800-555-5555).

Your customers or friends and family will be able to reach you by simply dialing 800-555-5555 and saying your Callword and City (“Joe Edwards in Atlanta,” “Lisa’s Tattoos in Miami,” “Gentle Dog Training in Austin,” “QuiltMom in Boston).

It's the easy, practical way for customers to find your local business -and the fun, creative way for everybody in your life to stay connected with you.


Why get a City CallWord?

  • Customers (or friends and family) don’t have to remember your number
  • Use your creativity to brand yourself or your business
  • Lower cost than National or Category Callwords
  • Your Callword is exclusive in the city(s) of your choice (but get it before someone else does—it’s first-come, first-served)
  • Point callers to the phone number or speech application of your choice
  • Easy, instant on-line configuration offers flexibility for travel, meetings, on-the-go lifestyles


  • Easy-to-remember, low-cost phrases mean that you'll always be found
  • Protect your phone number from phone solicitors
  • Exclusive CallWords rights mean you get to define yourself!
  • Instant, real-time web interface configuration
  • Direct calls to any phone numbers you choose