When you register a CallWord, you make it easier than ever before for customers to reach you. Instead of remembering or looking up phone numbers, all callers have to do to reach you is dial 800-555-5555 and say your company name (i.e., CallWord).

800-555-5555 (800 All Fives) is the one easy-to-remember number that callers can use to reach the companies of their choice. It makes their lives easier—and it builds your business. Make sure your company is listed with a CallWord on 800-555-5555 today.

Why get a National CallWord?

  • Customers don't have to remember your number—just your name.
  • Your CallWord is proprietary— you own it
  • Point customers to the phone number or speech application of your choice
  • Use different CallWords for advertising campaigns regional programs, etc


  • Increased brand recognition
  • More memorable than phone numbers
  • Eliminates annoying vanity number dialing
  • Remembered much longer long after ad is run
  • Maximize your advertising results
  • Instant, real-time configuration via the web
  • Point to any phone number or speech application
  • Detailed real-time call detail reporting