The CommandWords office puts the power of a sophisticated computer right into your phone calls. It screens callers, and you decide what to do. Take it? Send it to voicemail? Tell them to call back later?

You can also use voice-activated commands to quickly send files, record conversations, send voice e-mails and more—all during your calls. More options give you more control of your day.

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Advanced Features

  • Call Screening
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Hands-Free Dialing
  • E-mail w/ File Attachments
  • Microsoft® Outlook Integration
  • Record & Play Audio Files
  • Send Voice E-mail


  • Access your data from any phone, anytime.
  • Configurable on the phone or on the web.
  • Screen, answer and manage your calls with complete control.
  • Save time with voice-activated call return while retrieving voicemails.
  • Store and send price lists, sell sheets, meeting agendas and other documents while on your calls.
  • Record and store conversations for instant playback and voice e-mail delivery—perfect for testimonials, product descriptions, and more.
  • Contact management integrates with Microsoft® Outlook so you can access your contacts from any phone.

Call Screening

  • Screens and routes your incoming calls.
  • Screening options can be configured on the phone or on the web in real-time.
  • Multiple screening modes: Accept Calls, Screen Calls, Do Not Disturb
  • Allows you to easily accept calls, send callers to voice-mail or send any number of pre-recorded Auto-Responses to callers without speaking to them.

Hands-Free Dialing

  • Voice-activated dialing - Just say "Call" and the name of a contact in your Address Book, or speak the number you would like to dial.
  • Works with any phone, any time, anywhere.
  • Repeat calling. No need to hang up, just press "**" to start a new call.
  • Easy 3-way conferencing.
  • Voice Internet services available during calls - Just press "##".

Enhanced Voicemail

  • Multiple Voicemail Greetings.
  • Retrieve messages on the phone or online.
  • Callback number captured from Caller ID or caller's spoken phone number.
  • Auto Callback - Just say: "Return call" while listening to a voicemail message to be connected to the caller.
  • Voice-activated Navigation - Just say: "First", "Last", "Next Message", etc...
  • Receive email alerts when new messages arrive.

Voice E-mail

  • Send audio e-mails using your phone.
  • Record a message or a phone conversation and send it to any contact in your Address Book.
  • Just say: "Voice E-mail", record your message and select a contact to send to.
  • A great way to leave a message without making a call.

E-mail w/File Attachments

  • Send files from your File Store to any contact in your Address Book.
  • Just say a file name and the contact name you would like to send the file to.
  • Files are instantly sent to the contact's e-mail address.
  • Upload and store unlimited files for easy access while you're on the go.
  • Supports HTML documents for sending formatted e-mails during phone calls.

Record/Play Audio

  • Record up to 1 hour of audio.
  • Assigns voice labels to all of your recordings for instant retrieval.
  • Recordings are stored in the File Store for easy access.
  • Just say "Play" and the name of a file for instant playback.
  • Store as many recordings as you want for as long as you want.
  • Record and Play works during phone conversations or with speakerphones.
  • Great for presentations, sales training, memos, testimonials or documenting call content.

Address Book

  • Store information for an unlimited number of contacts.
  • Contact information can be used throughout your calls.
    Example: "Call John Doe at Home" or "Send Press Release to John Doe."
  • Synchronize all your contact info from Outlook with one click using the Microsoft Office® Add-In.

File Store

  • Upload and store unlimited files for easy access throughout your calls.
  • Use the Microsoft Office® Add-In to upload files directly from Office applications including Word, Excel and more.

Microsoft Office® Integration

  • Easily integrate CommandWords into your entire Microsoft Office® Suite.
  • Upload files directly from Office® applications.
  • Synchronize your Outlook® contacts with your CommandWords Address Book.