• Increase your station or program listeners
  • Not complicated - easy to set up and manage
  • No added expense of managing promotion
  • No need to provide a staff to answer phone calls
  • Discover a completely new source of revenues
Contest Manager - The Voice Internet


Now there is a complete turnkey software as a service solution that will allow you to effortlessly deploy your promotions.

  • - Answers phone calls from listeners
  • - Counts number of calls - winners get different messages than non-winners
  • - Delivers recorded information that tells callers if they won
  • - Sends text message link to contest result landing page
  • - Text landing page link embedded in text message
  • - Customizable landing page displays your message
  • - Ad inserts on landing pages track and bill for page views
  • - Start participating in a whole new way to earn revenue
  • How it Works

Come up with an idea for a give away prize or contest. Use the Contest Manager to choose your winning numbers Then create landing pages that are accessed via text links that are sent out to your viewers when they call in. These landing pages contain links that viewers can click on to be directed to offers from your advertisers. Every time a viewer lands your advertisers page, we charge the advertiser for the traffic and give the lion share of the revenues to you.

  • Tell your listeners

Tell your listeners to call 800-555-5555 and say a CallWord like "FREE TICKETS", "FREE MUSIC" FREE MOVIES" or whatever else you want to promote. Using a 800-555-5555 and a CallWord will dramatically increase the number of call ins because listeners can easily remember the all 5’s number and a CallWord much easier than a remembering regular toll free number.

Then when your callers dial 800-555-5555 and say your contest keyword, all the non-winning calls are answered in your hosts voice who informs them that they didn't win the prize but just for calling in are now eligible for special discounts from selected advertisers. Advertising inserts are automatically injected into the landing pages by the publisher’s choices and achieve page position by bidding.

  • Track your winners

The winning caller will hear a different message and get a different text and can even be connected To the station to claim their prizes When the viewer clicks on an advertiser’s link, the advertiser is billed for the traffic. The system allows radio stations to drive page traffic directly from the broadcast and to participate in the most lucrative advertising revenue stream on the web.

  • Earn New Revenues

Revenue is captured by the system from advertisers and is automatically distributed to the publisher hosting the contest. A completely transparent web based revenue reporting system allow publishers to audit transactions. It’s a complete turnkey software-as-a-service.

  • Powerful Analytics Tools

Additionally analytic tools are also provided to tell the publisher how many calls came it, the geographic region the calls are coming from, the time of day, day of week of the calls. It’s all presented in a graph format to easily interpret your results.