Pay-Per-Call is a compelling proposition to make conventional media an important component of your marketing…

Here's why:

  • Now you can buy results from Radio, TV and outdoor in the same manner as you buy results from the internet.
  • Pay per performance guarantees results …no more risky media buys.
  • Opens up your business to off line marketing channels. Radio, TV and Outdoor is an in-your-face media that delivers advertising to a much broader market.
  • Pay-Per-Call makes conventional media more affordable and more accessible.
  • Incoming calls convert 45% of leads into customers versus 3% of pay per click.
  • The lag in converting leads into new customers can be shortened to one day with Pay-Per-Call versus a 14-day average for pay per click.
  • 71% of consumers prefer a phone call to a click (Kelsey Group research).
  • Pay-Per-Call advertising generates fewer concerns about fraud than pay-per-click.
  • Pay-Per-Call can be locally focused to very specific service regions.
  • Leads can be received on any phone- No website is required.
  • Good for businesses with limited skills to manage pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Good for businesses with complex products that require lots of explanation.