Q: How does 800-555-5555 Pay-Per-Call work?

A: Pay-Per-Call works just like click-based advertising, except that it drives phone leads to your business, rather than clicks to your website. When consumers respond to our advertising campaigns, we answer their call and qualify the caller, then we live transfer the call directly to you. You get to talk to someone who is interested in learning about what you can do for them.

Q: Which calls are charged and which calls are not?

A: To ensure you get maximum value, you are not charged for calls within the first 60 seconds. This eliminates charges from hang-ups, wrong numbers, or calls coming from completely unqualified callers. You are also not charged for duplicate calls for three days after the original call was received.

Q: How do I determine which phone number to deliver my Pay-Per-Calls to?

A: Your Voice Internet PPC Dashboard contains all the tools you need to configure your account. It allows you to point your calls to any phone number you desire. You also have the option to configure advanced routing options such as date, time of day, day of week, etc. Additionally, you can set up your own voice activated applications to further route or automate your calls.