The "Financial Recovery Center" is our flagship brand and is now being promoted to the public as the easiest way to find a resolution to financial problems.

If you're in the following industries we can help keep you supplied with clients:

  • Credit Card/Medical Debt
  • IRS Tax Settlement
  • Loan Modification
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys

Huge Reach and lots of Frequency

Starting on June 15th, we’ll be delivering over six million prime time impressions per day in over 500 national markets.

Memorable Phone number and Message

Our ad messages are very memorable:

"If you need help with credit card or medical debt, or with a tax or mortgage problem, Call 800-555-5555. We have quality resources available that can help you immediately."

People remember our number...don’t you?

Plug into a source of new customers

The "Financial Recovery Center" brand is a syndicated advertising umbrella that provides the financial services industry with pre-screened, high quality, live transfered calls from callers responding to our advertising.

Powerful Creative Advertising Spots

Click below to hear our radio advertising spots. Our system will call you back at the number you provide. At any time during your call, you can speak a command or click on any other link for additional content.