Get business from Radio, TV, Internet and Outdoor Advertising with no risk!

Pay-Per-Call is an advertising model based on delivered phone calls instead of on the number of delivered ad impressions.

Voice Internet's Pay-Per-Call programs offer a compelling alternative to buying media or internet leads. With our model, you simply pay for customer calls generated from our ongoing advertising campaigns.

The results from our advertising efforts are shared among carefully selected clients. By creating a common advertising message for multiple clients, we can deliver a consistent source of competitively priced, quality leads.

We build campaigns around categories that we know will get results. Our ad spots are produced by the best talent in the country.

We know how important your conversion rates are. That's why we pre-qualify each call to deliver the highest quality leads possible.

The get calls from an informed consumer interested in what you have to sell.

You’ll also have the first 60 seconds of each call to further qualify the caller. If you hang up in the first 60 seconds, you pay nothing other than nominal phone charges.

  • We take on all the risk of media
  • Your Results are guaranteed

It’s so easy. Simply answer your phones and start talking to new customers. How can you possibly get a better deal than that?