What is VoiceFront™?
VoiceFront is a 24/7 voice-activated call routing system. VoiceFront provides businesses and individuals with a low-cost alternative to a live receptionist and greater interaction with callers than touch-tone call routing.

Rather than dialing numbers and extensions, callers simply speak the name of the person or department to reach their party. Callers may first be sent to pre-recorded information and then transferred to the desired target, as well.

VoiceFront is a stand-alone product that works with any existing phone and can be set-up and managed through your online Voice Internet account. No additional hardware or software is required.

What do I get with VoiceFront™?
VoiceFront is an automated system that puts you in control of all of your communication needs. It routes your calls with a professional greeting and directs them to you wherever you are; you control how, where and when calls are routed.

  • A dedicated CallPointer (Toll-free or local number).
  • An auto-attendant that will welcome callers to your company.
  • A menu of voice-activated extensions that you set-up in your VoiceFront system.
  • Administrative login for global control of all of your Voice Internet accounts.
  • 24/7 control over how, where, and when calls are routed.
  • Voice Caller ID and/or Call Screening to let you know who is calling in real time.
  • And much more

Do I need any special phone, equipment or software for VoiceFront to work?
NO. VoiceFront works with any phone. However, a computer with Internet access is necessary as your account is set-up and managed through your Voice Internet account online.

NOTE:  A Voice Internet CallPointer (local or toll-free number) is required to activate VoiceFront. You can purchase a CallPointer for a minimal cost at the same time that you purchase VoiceFront.

How much does VoiceFront™ cost?
Simply add VoiceFront to your cart and select your billing plan to get a quote on the total cost. Four billing plans are offered, based on per minute usage. For first-time customers, the $10 Trial plan provides a good value, and includes a free local CallPointer to use with your VoiceFront system. Simply select “Trial Plan” to checkout.

Is there a high set-up fee?
No. The set-up fee is a $19.95 for higher-end plans. With the Trial Plan, there is not a set-up fee.

How long does it take to set-up my new account?
Once you check-out, you can immediately begin set-up of your new VoiceFront System.

Can VoiceFront™ route calls to more than one phone number?
YES. VoiceFront can route calls to an unlimited number of voice-activated extensions and each extension may have a different number that you set-up through your online account. You control where and how calls are routed through a simple web interface.

What kind of toll-free phone numbers do I get?
You can get a CallPointer phone number starting with 800, 888, 877, or 866.

Can I get a local phone number?
Yes. You may choose a local or toll-free CallPointer.  However, local numbers are only available in limited markets.

Can I forward my current phone number to VoiceFront™?
YES.  VoiceFront comes complete with its own stand-alone CallPointer (local or toll-free phone number). You can forward your current phone number(s) to your VoiceFront system, providing that your current phone system has forwarding capability. Your VoiceFront system will answer and route calls to the voice-activated extensions that you have created in your system.

Can I use this if I live in Canada?
YES. There are no additional costs and your CallPointer (toll-free number) can be dialed from anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Can international callers reach my toll-free number?
Some countries allow direct dialing to a toll-free number but others do not. If your international callers cannot dial a toll-free number, you can add a local CallPointer (direct dial local phone number) to your account, which can be reached from every country (Additional charges apply).

Can I record a personal greeting?
YES. You personalize your greetings for each extension and you can personalize the message callers will hear when they call your VoiceFront.

Do I need any special software to use VoiceFront™?
No. You can access the features of your account using any standard web browser.

Does VoiceFront™ work with any phone, even voice over IP (VOIP)?
YES. If you have a working phone number, be it an office number, cell phone, home phone, satellite phone, VOIP phone, etc., VoiceFront can route calls to any active phone.

How can callers find me?
Callers just speak a particular word (That you specify) and then they are routed to that particular extension. No need to give friends, family and associates multiple phone numbers to reach you. Let VoiceFront find you!