It's the voice-activated question and answer assistant that conducts interviews and captures live information. Now all you need to do to gather information is route calls to Voice Q&A, which automatically conducts the conversation for you — so you can continue doing business without interruption.

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  • Save time and money. Free yourself and your staff from lengthy calls.
  • Capture leads from potential customers.
  • Conduct job interviews or pre-screening.
  • Do employee, customer or market surveys.
  • Capture tone of voice, emotion, and valuable feedback.

Advanced Features

  • Accessible from any Voice Internet entry point or speech application.
  • Combines multiple recordings into one .wav file for easy information retrieval.
  • Sends the recorded .wav file via e-mail to any e-mail address.
  • Allows you to record a greeting prompt, an ending prompt, and as many question as you want to ask.
  • Captures telephone number information from the caller.
  • Allows you to choose to end the call after the information is collected or direct the call to another speech application.
  • Easily integrates with other Voice Internet applications.
Customer Testimonials

Fast, Efficient Order Taking

"Our customers used to complain that no one answered the phone when they called us off-hours at the restaurant. Now Voice Q&A takes calls for us—so our customers are happy and we never miss a reservation!"

Around the Clock Customer Service

"Now we're able to take orders around the clock, especially from our international customers. Voice Q&A takes all the information automatically so we don't miss any orders, and we didn't have to hire any extra staff."

Saves Time & Money

"As Human Resources Director, my staff pre-screens all our job applicants with Voice Q&A. We can send the data to the departments instantly and it saves us a lot of time."